Programm vum Samschden

Vir den Bechtival ofkléngen ze loossen, Spillen den Samschden 5 Banden. D'Moselle Valley Brass Band gëtt den Optakt. Uschléissend Spillen d'Band Le Vibe. Duerno trieden d'Scheppe Siwen op. Den Ofschloss  vum Bechtival 2020 maachen Chicken Head an Fallen Lies.

Moselle Valley Brass Band


Nach dem erfolgreichen Auftritten der Moselle Valley Brass Band im September 2019 in der Goldenen Stadt Prag wurden schon Pläne geschmiedet um weitere kulturelle Veranstaltungen zu organisieren.

Seit dem Gründungsjahr 1967 steht die Moselle Valley Brass Band schon über 50 Jahre auf der Bühne und sorgt mit ihrer Blasmusikformation mit bekannten Hits, volkstümliche zeitgenössische Evergreens, international sowie speziell luxemburgische Melodien für musikalische Unterhaltung.
Als Vertreter der Moselgegend sowie auch dem Großherzogtum Luxemburg hat diese Band mit ihrer Blasmusik auf nationalem und internationalem Parkett mit mehr als 1500 Konzerten die Musikwelt begeistert.
Bestand die Anfangsformation aus 7 Musikanten, so hat die Band sich in den letzten Jahren fast zu einer Bigband umgebildet welche momentan aus 20 Musikern besteht, 5 Trompeten, 4 Saxophonen, 2 Klarinetten, 2 Zugposaunen, 3 Euphonium, 1 Basstuba, E-Bass, Gitarre und Schlagzeug.

Die Band steht mit ihren vielseitigen musikalischen Fähigkeiten mit einem Konzert von prinzipiell 1½ bis 2 Stunden für jedes kulturelle Ereignis zur Verfügung Jährlich finden durchschnittlich 20 Konzerte statt wobei in jeder Musiksaison ein Highlight zu verzeichnen ist.

Le Vibe


LE VIBE is a young and lively reggae band from Luxembourg, made up of 7 musicians.
While sharing a common love for reggae music, each member of the band adds her/ his own style and music influences to their tunes, creating an original mix of reggae, jazz, blues and funk, only to name a few.

The band was founded in the summer of 2017 and after playing at several of Luxembourg’s established scenes and music festivals for one year, they teamed up with renowned producer Charel Stoltz to record their debut album “Day One” at Holtz Studios. After some intense recording sessions, the result is a colourful and honest record that the band is exhilarated to finally share with all. From militant roots reggae tunes with unique backing vocals to pounding riffs and breathtaking solos, you can expect some surprises from this young band, if you haven’t already heard (of) them! Aside from their music, LE VIBE’s live shows are energetic, entertaining and original. The two front men’s humorous interactions between the songs make every concert truly unique.

When attending a LE VIBE concert, one may wonder how these fundamentally different individuals came together and even more so how they all managed to get their singular groove that is impossible to narrow down to one specific genre of music. But every single band member will give you the same answer to that question: It is precisely the musicians’ differences that make their strength!

Schëppe Siwen


Whoever is looking for party-style folk and rock music, would not necessarily think of Luxembourg as a first choice. However, if you risk taking a look across the border, you’ll definitely make a find in the small Grand-Duchy when it comes to folk-rock passion.

The top of the Luxembourgish music industry includes the 8 members of Schëppe Siwen – and not just since their release of the official anthem for the ice hockey world cup 2014 (“Fight”). Founded more or less as a joke in a cult bar called „Vis-à-vis“, the band, which at the beginning was acting as a trio, has become a true folk-rock crowd puller over the past ten years.

On their first album, the band presented itself with a rough and fast sound, which was varied and multi-faceted in the second studio album. Even outside of the country‘s borders, the mixture of folk, rock, pop, punk, reggae and ska combined with Luxembourgish lyrics doesn’t remain unnoticed.

Anyone who has been able to experience the band as opening acts for musicians such as The Levellers, Carlos Núñez and the Red Hot Chilli Pipers, knows what to expect: a lot of sweat, a lot of dancing and a spectacular concert experience.

Chicken Head


"...To the accidental tourist, you'd be forgiven for thinking Chicken Head are just another collective of musicians with nothing better to do than relieve their middle aged angst against an unsuspecting public. In an age of copyists, blaggards and ne’er do wells all wanting to be the next Ga-Ga/Puff Daddy, Chicken Head still remember what it actually takes to stir the soul.

Classic urban blues/funk punctuated with powerful vocals, frantic funk guitar that's married to a rhythm and bass section guaranteed to get even grandma's hips moving. They can't cure 'heavy legs' or the spots on your face but if you want to see a band that has the spirit to get you 'funking out in every way', then Chicken Head are a must see.

Still, if you’re convinced there's nothing better in life than a Big Mac, Justin Beiber and going to bed before midnight then I'm sure there's one of those disco type things a few streets away.."

Fallen Lies


Back in 2012, four friends started having regular jam sessions. Soon, they were looking for a singer to complete the line up and start a new band project -a mission that turned out to be a tiring process. However, this formation wouldn't stop writing song material in anticipation of a singer. In 2014, Lynn joins the band, and Fallen Lies is founded in their final line up.The main influences of their sound are found among straight rock, alternative rock and hard rock legends.On a regular basis, the rockers play little shows in bars and small festivals, and step by step give their impact on Luxembourg's rock music scene.In December 2017, the band achieved two milestones. First, they organised the very first edition of the Wintermeltdown festival featuring three local bands and one band from abroad, next to themselves. Then Fallen Lies participated in the Rock the South band contest in Petange and won the first prize!